Some time ago, list members began wondering "what spoiler is correct for 1987?" Some background on the topic: Chevrolet equipped the SS's in 1987 with 2 styles of spoilers; both the "lay down" and "stand up" styles. '83-'86 SS Monte Carlos' received the "stand up" spoilers with the exception of 1986 Aerocoupes. ('86 Aerocoupe Registry can be found on Paul C's site here) All '87 Aerocoupes and all '88 Monte Carlo SS's received the "lay down" spoiler. '87 Monte Carlo SS's (non Aerocoupes) were produced in both Arlington, TX, and Pontiac MI, and received both types of spoilers, but location of build does not seem to have any affect as to whether the '87 SS's received the lay down or standup type spoiler.

Here is an image of an 86 with the "standup" spoiler"
Alongside an 87 with the "laydown" spoiler

If you're not sure of the date of when your 87 was built, 
check the drivers door sticker or possibly the window sticker,
build sheet, or whatever else you can find. I found mine on the
drivers door of my Aero (with overspray, D'oh!) 

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(Actual VIN, not "aRlington" or "Pontiac")

Date Built


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Standup     Laydown

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