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Begun in 1994, the Monte Carlo Mailing List now has members. We are an email list for the discussion of the 1970-1988 and 1995-present Chevrolet Monte Carlo. See list subscribing info here.

    As much as he tried, Al never could appreciate part throttle.

    New Pictures (thanks Mike!) of the direct replacement L69 Catalytic converter from Random Technology {TPIS.com seems to have the best price...}

    What our list thinks of the attacks on NYC & D.C. & PA:

    Jerry put together some nice wallpaper images of Monte Carlos here

    From a brief survey, it appears that Monte Carlos with cruise & A/C from around 78 (or later) to 88 got a vaccuum reservoir on the drivers side inner fender next to the charcoal canister, and the cars with A/C, but no cruise got their vaccum ball reservoir attached to a bracket on the A/C "suitcase" on the passengers side. Thanks to Leo, Steve, Andy, Rob and others for verification on this.

    National Monte Carlo Owners Association pics from Ohio 2001 show - see links here

The '87 SS spoiler survey: here.

images: Dicks '71, Mikes '86 & Bruces '79

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